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9417 I Street
Omaha, NE, 68127
United States

(402) 885-8787

We Print T-Shirts!!

Custom apparel for your business, group, team or event!

Screen printing & embroidery



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New Location August 1st!!!

Brad Epstein


We are excited to announce that we will be relocating to 4131 S. 89th Street on August 1st!

It's a few short blocks away from the current location, even more conveniently located just south of 89th & F near 84th & I-80. We've signed a three-year lease and envision this being our home for many years (well, at least three years) to come and the right place for us to continue to grow and provide great service.

The new facility is 2,100 square feet of climate controlled goodness, has a great production area and a perfect office/showroom area, we are excited for you to see it.

Stay tuned for news about our New Location Open House Print Party towards the end of August. We appreciate your support!!

Why Courtyard Ink?

Brad Epstein

We get it. Life is busy and ordering custom apparel can be a chore. Let us guide you through our stress-free ordering process to create quality custom t-shirts and corporate wear you will be proud of.

Schedule an appointment to discuss your order so that we can meet and exceed 100% of your needs.

This is stress-free ordering for busy people. Contact us today and allow us to help you build your brand.



Screen Printing Made Easy.

Brad Epstein

That’s the goal. We want to make the ordering process easy as pie. Or like taking candy from a baby - baby’s shouldn’t have candy anyway!! You get the point.

Schedule an appointment with us today so we can sit down and discuss your next project. This helps us to better understand your needs so that we can meet or exceed them 100%. We are passionate about providing high quality decorated apparel for your business, team or event. And if we can make you smile along the way, then hey, we definitely did our job : )

We are proud to offer custom web stores and also free delivery to businesses and schools in the greater Omaha area.

Ink it into existence with our elevated customer experience. Life is hard. Ordering custom apparel shouldn’t be.